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Calming Green

Some people love to see calm lake/pond. Psychology knows what it means... However, it isn't always correct.What do you think? :))
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  • Nature choose such places to show Its beautify.  So what is good city or village?

  • Roman, I tell you a secret.

    I don't have any idea of your Q. :D
    Thank you for your nice comment. ^^
  • Likewise,,,

    Nice to see (meeeeet) you. I seem to have heard this word of compliment. Now it made me remembering of someone. :)
    Thanks a lot for your magnificent comment. ^^
  • The trees which reflected at the water in right corner*
  • The mysterious place! I don't care about what psychologists says, i like this place! And that trees, what name do they has?
  • Magnificent view, Oneeee :))
  • My dear Rosemary,, 

    I feel so grateful. Yes,  I can enjoy this freely. Btw, I saw this when I was on the way to visit my uncle. The scenery and atmosphere was so calm since no one around. 

    Thank you for your precious comment, dear. ^_^

  • Rosemary

    You could be right. When I was looking at a pond, I took a deep breath, then it released stress. Much helpful... 

    Thank you for visiting my gallery. ^_^

  • NotAclue.... :D

    Okay okay.... You got me! ^_^

    Thank you for your Interesting and colorful comment. ^_^

  • NotAClue,, hahaha... C'mon. This is just a fun. I don't mean to be serious at all.

    Btw, I'm that kind of a calm person. :))) :D

    I always enjoy your comments. Thanks a lot. . ^_^

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