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Bromo Sunrise

A visit to Mount Bromo. Java, Indonesia in 2016.   You can't see Mount Bromo in this image because it is farther to the South (right side of the image) plus it was mostly covered by clouds on this morning.

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  • I definitely love different shades of blue color in any picture. Thanks for sharing, Tim.

  • Hi, Tim!

    So you are a traveller. That's cool!

    I've never been there. Lol...

    Thank you for sharing.

    • It probably isn't too far for you to visit once Covid settles down - depending on which of the many islands you live.  But you have to get there early so middle of the night traveling.

      • It's only about 110 km from my place, on the same island. I just don't really like climbing. But I may go there one day. )) 

        Thanks for your tips.

        • You take a car or a motorbike up - the viewpoint is actually not Bromo itself but near if I remember correctly


  • This is super  beautiful 👍

    • Thanks. 

  •  You woke up so early or you slept there 😅

    Awesome picture in any case

    • I am not sure I even slept - I arrived in Malang in the evening and the tour driver had us leaving in the middle of the night to arrive at least 1 hour before sunrise.  I can't recall if we left at 3 am or arrived there at 3 am.  


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