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There's no end to education and knowledge
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  • But floods are destructives. It destroy everything which comes on its way.
  • @ AReality :

    If all the people could understand those words , the world would be a better place . Knowledge is the sword to fight ignorance and to lead a better life with peace and progress . unfortunately, most people still think that wars and killing can provide them with power and authority and that's why we still witness wars , terrorism and racism in spite of all the advance of science and knowledge .

    Thank you so much for the valuable comment ,and for reading my posts ! 


  • There is nothing more wonderful than knowledge, and better if it is through a good book.   :)

  • @Friend( Bhaskar):

    Thank you for sharing your comment :)

  • @ Tawfeeq :

    I know how much you adore reading books and go deep through them ...reading a book is like re-writing it again for ourselves..everyone can interpret it for his own experince and understanding of life ,this is why reading has no end ..and through the books we can see many of our thoughts ,our conflicts ,our imagination .. better than we do  in our real life ...

    Thank you dear for sharing your precious words .

  • the books are the most important thing on earth. They are narrowing down the world into small, flat, rigid squares of papers. Books were not available and so expensive in past. Yet they were copied by hands . but much later everything has been differed when the printing press was invented .which were the reasons of developments of our world since then .
    the books are providing great amount of solutions and increasing our knowledge, and largely help in shaping our lives.
    it is quite amazing to know , that some of people are still classic when it comes to learn and teach they keep track of old classic students . they depend on old way to learn , such books and written dictionaries instead of the electronic books and internet . because this way has special enjoyment for readers and learners .even I personally like to read all night long and smell the perfume of my books .

  • @Rajesh:

    Thank you dear , I told you I'll be more active in my vacation wait and see :D:D

  • @ Fidan:

    Knowldge is like the sea ,it seems no end to it ,and whenever we go deep in it we want more and more .

    Thank you for dropping by :)

  • @ Galina:

    We share the same likes dear ,I adore reading too ... and sometimes i like to carry my old books rather  than reading from the net..  :)

    Books have special meaning, haven't they ?

    Both of us are teachers and you know how impotant for us to keep reading and improving ..The thorough knowledge reflects on the power of teaching .

    Thank you dear for the precious comment ,you always shine  my posts with ur valuable words ...I appreciate that .

  • Very nice and true!

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