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Beyond the horizon

I took this picture of Asrwat chain of mountains. In the southern region of KSA , where I live . Far beyond the horizon is the Red Sea :)
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  • fantastic view!!

  •   Thanks for liking my photo dear Evangeline and Happy new year my friend  :) 

  • Waaaooow, this is really beautiful view, Rosemary.

  • Ahib alufug ya Rosemary! I love the horizon and I like beyond it too. Thanks for sharing.

  • @Honey Bee: :O 

  • oh, Rosemary, are there any lodgings and activities down there ? I thought it would be dangerous to walk down the valley... I can only imagine how dangerous it is during rain season... 

    Thanks for photo and information :) 

  • If I ever go to KSA, I will go there :)

  •   @ AG and @ Honey  Bee   thank you both for liking  my photo  :) 

        AG  , I don't go there very often . I went there this week on Monday  . I took the picture from the cliffs of Ragdan forest  . Although  , I suffer from hights phobia  I dared  to grab my cell phone and took some pictures of the mountains and Thama plains  . They say that there is a wonderful spring down there . Unfortunately  , I didn't  go there this year . I stood at the edge of the cliff only 

  • Stunning and awesome, dear :) I'd live there :)

  • WOW, Rosemary... Really wow.. how often do see this view, and how far is it from you? 

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