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Baking Class With My Sis :)

On a cold, rainy evening, the best thing in the world is to bake delicious home baked things and then sit relaxing to eat them.Aaaand the entire home smells so good :)Bon Appetit.
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  • Hello Evangelina,


    It's 'Worth Tasting' :) no worries anytime, you're welcome.

  • Okay, Avizhe

    :)) I’ll take the PIA all the way to Pakistan, just to visit there because of your baking skills - LoooL.

    So? Better keep the baking fresh...,

  • Hello Evangelina,


    Ok done ... if you're gonna taste it then for sure I'll post it :D

  • Hello Rosemary and Robbie,

    Thank you very much to the both of you for liking my photo :)

  • Hello Avizhe,

    LooL, here is the deal, if you need recipe, then you have to bake and post the picture here?


    I don’t think soo :)

  • Evangelina,

    Wowww my mouth is watering now... exclusive baking ...needs the recipe:)

  • Dear Evangelina,

    yes, I know this kind of baking. My family always wants me to bake. 

    I like the smell of freshly baked cakes, bread, and such things.

  • Hello Rose,

    Yes, those are tasty. You must know such kind of baking? It is always a nice thing to bake and afterward sit relaxing, eating, talking or watching a movie :)

    Thank you for the nice comment and appreciation.

  • Yummy yummy!!!!  It looks tasty!

  • Hello NighT,

    :) Yes, those are mouthwatering delicious, so I am quite sure you would be. 

    Thank you for the nice comment and appreciation.

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