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Autumn Water Lily

Fajsławice Atboretum - Poland
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  • the scene is only lacking a frog :D 

  • Oi there, folks

      Thanks a bunch for bothering yourselves to come and gander my photos, appreciate the comments as well.

     Onee-chan - Some of the water lily leaves are darker because it is deep autumn and they have already withered.

  • Speechless !! :D Seriously!!
  • Splendid! This looks like a living painting... :)

  • I wonder why some leaves are dark.

    Super beautiful picture! ^^

  • The masterpiece! I like these PURE and CLEAN white petals! It looks like precious stone, like treasure! And WOOOOOOW! The water is so dark-BLUE, that it looks like someone colored it with paint! In the bottom part of the picture, blue color is so dense and rich, that without seeing upper part of the picture, we can easily take it as a blue carpet or something firm... Thank you Rys for sharing with us this gift of nature!!!

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