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I never get enough of this city and the Blue Mosque really inspires me when taking pictures.
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  • Sweet Hani, did you like Istanbul ? Did you feel its special atmosphere ? I 'll never get tired of that amazing city.

  • In September i was there could not go inside Alas, but your photo hmm took me there again :)

  • Thanks for stopping by Müge, you don't live so far from Istanbul, so it's not too difficult for you to go there once in a while :))
  • Hello Peter, yes, indeed Istanbul is beautiful. Thanks for commenting this post.
  • Hello DongYao,

    Yes, it's the real Bue Mosque of Istanbul... it's not a dream :) Thanks for stopping by .

  • wow   it's amazing

    I just wonder is it the reall.

    what a wonderful place!

    love it!

    thank you for your sharing .


  • Hello Anita, Mojahed Mousa, Robert and Lucy,
    Thanks for checking this photo and for giving me your opinion about it. In fact, i was lucky with this picture, it came out very good. I have hundreds of other photos from Istanbul and Turkey in general. The city and the whole country are absolutely amazing and a great source of inspiration for me.

  • Wow! Awesome, great shot! Thanks for sharing with us.

  • What a spectacular view. Thanks for posting this photo!
  • so beautiful
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