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Almond Cake (Mi Tarta de Santiago)

Hola! My version of Tarta de Santiago - a Spanish traditional cake also known as the almond cake of Galicia. The cake woulndn't be complete without the cross of St.James, so I topped it with confectioner's sugar to imprint the cross.Almond is one of the healthiest nuts serve as snacks and used for making desserts.Thank you to my Spanish friend for recommending the recipe. Gracias por todo, Senior!
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  • Thank you for your comment, Dara! 

  • Hey, Luci!

    Thank you for the comment! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a photo when I sliced the cake. The cake was almost an inch thick and a bit dense, but it tasted fine. 


    Robbie :) 

  • Gusto ko ng kayk. Thanks, mod. Robbie for sharing.

  • Hello, Glee!

    Thank you very much for the compliment! It brought smile to my face! :) I'm not actually an expert baker like Senior Estanis, but I'm passionate about food especially the ones that I find interesting to prepare. I blogged a writing challenge last year about traditional dishes. And I'm pleased to try some of them, this dessert was an awesome example.

    I hope you'll have a meaningful stay on our club!

    Robbie :)

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  • Wooow! What a masterpiece, Robbie :) would love to see a piece of it - like when you cut it :p
  • @ Roman

    No worries! :)

  • Thank you Robbie! Unfortunatelly I don't know any good recipes of cakes, especially Ukrainian cakes. :( Or maybe I can ask my mom about some simple recipes... I will try:)

  • Here's the pattern that I made which I just copied online.


  • Hello, Roman!

    Thank you for the warm comment! Baking is really a form of art. We could make lots of gorgeous designs if we want to. Regarding to your question, I used a (St. James's cross) pattern that I copied online. I placed the pattern on the top of the cake and then sprinkled the confectioners sugar on the cake using a sieve. Then I carefully removed the pattern to see the imprint of the cross. 

    By the way, can you recommend a Ukrainian dish or dessert that I can bake at home? I haven't tried anything yet! 


    Robbie :)

  • Hi, Eva!

    Sorry, I missed your comment. I'm grateful that you re-liked this photo. You made my day better! :)

    See you!


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