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Almond Cake (Mi Tarta de Santiago)

Hola! My version of Tarta de Santiago - a Spanish traditional cake also known as the almond cake of Galicia. The cake woulndn't be complete without the cross of St.James, so I topped it with confectioner's sugar to imprint the cross.Almond is one of the healthiest nuts serve as snacks and used for making desserts.Thank you to my Spanish friend for recommending the recipe. Gracias por todo, Senior!
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  • Dear Robbie, The cake looks so yummy and the cross created beautifully!

    Wish to live near you to taste some :)

    Thanks for sharing

    Well Done!

  • Haha.. Evan, we're thinking just the opposite; getting our skills together. Wanna join us? :)
  • You are a master
  • Thank you for liking this photo Kal, NotAClue and Adi Ramadhan! :)

  • Hola, Estanis!

    Gracias por el cumplido (Thank you for the compliment)! I'm glad you liked my version. Actually, I'm intrigued with the St. James cross so I googled and read some information about this dish. I learned that this dessert has a symbolical meaning to the Galicians. It's my pleasure to prepare this cake over and over to my loved ones because I'm a Catholic and have my utmost respect to Jesus Christ and to his twelve disciples.

    Todos vivimos! (May God bless us all)!


    Robbie :)

  • Wow... Robbie!! I feel flattered haha...
    You made even the Santiago's cross so nice! That's great Robbie, I admit I got amazed watching a Santiago's cake so far from here baked by you. Chapeau!!

    Muchas gracias a tí amigo. Eres el mejor! ;)
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