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AG's Photo Challenge #1 What Is This?

I wonder if you know the name of this device. It is three words. What is it for and what is at the top layer? I still keep this in my room and need this occasionally. :)

The idea is actually from AG's photo challenge. I didn't know that the number was to make a series of each photo. So, I wrote only #1 on my three pics before. lol. Now, let's start with number one again in this year of 2018. :p You can post your own photo to guess without waiting the correct answer here. I'd be glad if you try to guess. Happy guessing! ^_^

And the answer is ...

Rechargeable Camping Lantern

So many thanks for your participation. ^_^

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  • Dear ELF Noor,

    Opss!!! Sorry! ^_^

  • Oppsss

    I missed this Round..:(

  • Dear Roman & Muskan,,

    Welcome. :)

    Hi Diah,

    :D Yeah. It was unique when the first time I saw it. At least now I don't need to worry when there is a power blackout. Thanks for your comment. ^^

  • Oh well Onee, I also have this one :p at first I really didnt know what it is because the shape was unfamiliar. :D

  • Thanks Onee!!

  • Thank you Onee! ^_^

  • Dear AG, Rosemary, Mishaikh, Roman, Muskan, Estanis, MARY, and Mr.Josef,

    Thank you so much for participating and commenting. I really appreciate it. ^_^

    Here is the picture when the lantern is on.  


    Here is the cake for celebration. :D

    Related image

  • Let me congratulate the winners.....!! 8)

  • Rechargeable Camping Lantern?

  • Dear Mishaikh and Roman,,

    It hasn't ended, yet. :D The answer is

    "Rechargeable ______________ Lantern".

    One of Roman's last guesses is right. This is actually for the outdoor activity called "_____" :)

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