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A pre-Hispanic mummy

This is a mummy over 2000 years old. It was found a few years ago, while we were working on a mining project.Days later, other remains were found, which suggests the place was a pre-Hispanic indigenous cemetery.According to archeologists, the body of this mummy was a woman. Near the remains were some hand tools and shells. And bodies had a "fetal position".This finding is the most interesting thing of all my work life.
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  • Haha thank you!

  • Okay, then I wish you to find more archaeological things! :D

  • haha noooo 
    I worked with them, so that is why is the most interesting thing to me.
    Maybe, for them, it was just part of their work :P

    my line of research is mathematics...although I think archeology is pretty interesting, too.

  • So, you are not an archaeologist? :)

  • Thanks, MARY .
    Your comment is an honor to me :)

    And don't want to disappoint you, but I am just a poor engineer :(
    I was there, with a lot of people (of course), building 
    a "desalination plant" in the north of Chile.

    The north of Chile is dry and hot, so there, several mummies have been found.
    The archeologists found 5 bodies, in the same position, apparently, the fetal position was a ritual for them.

    Thanks, Mary.

  • Roman (pee) haha

    The history of our ancestors is very interesting and important.
    What I liked more, is the skeletons were still preserved (due to the weather).

    Thanks, Roman.

  • Dear ╚ zz❤ina╝.
    I will read about that interesting man, thanks :D
    As an agnostic, I'm interested in that kind of wise people. Thanks a bunch.

    :) Nice day!

  • Hi Sandra!

    This is just WOW!

    If I were you, in the moment of finding it, I would pee in my pants because of the excitement! :D

    I always wonder, how those people used to live and work with their primitive tools! And what were they thinking about in that time! How were they wondering and enjoying the new inventions. For them, those inventions seemed to be something amazing, but for us those inventions are just trifle and we don't even remember about them.

    Thank you for sharing with us your precious experience! :)

  • Oh!!! How cool Sandra!!! I didn't know your are working in this field, I love it! (archaeologist is one of the many things I wanted to be when I was a kid, ahhaha...) 

    Must be really exciting when you find something that has been hidden from the human eye for so many years... Is like to find an awesome treasure, or to have a time machine! :D 

    So that was a cementery? Did you find more bodies there? 

    Thanks a lot for sharing! :))

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