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A .... Woof!

My Shih Tzu, Princess being caged because she's acting naughty lately! Don't be fooled with her cute stare! Sometimes, it's difficult being a fur daddy... :PA 'woof' is a sound that a dog makes. Check out my blog about Onomatopoeia. in advance!
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  • Hi, Andy!

    I'm doing good! Thanks for asking! Glad to see you back again on MyEC. My Princess is already six years old. It's true, she's cute but sometimes she's a bit snobbish... 

    I appreciate your time commenting! See you around.

    Have a fantastic weekend!


  • Robbie, how are you? Nice to see you again :). She is indeed so sweet & cute. How old is she? 

  • Hello, Eva!

    Thank you very much for the comment! Yes, she is. But I do still let her walk around the block though she loves chasing chickens and some other dogs. 

    Wishing you a lovely midweek ahead!


  • Oooooh, she is so cute, Robbie.

    She looks healthy aaand I think you must be right about this naughty thing.

    Thank you for post her picture here.

  • Hi, NotAClue!

    Oh no! On the contrary, she's sometimes a snob and doesn't want to be disturbed. The good thing is that she doesn't know how to destroy things with her bare teeth and paws. You're right though, it pains me to see her being caged most of the time...

    Thank you for commenting!

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!


  • Hello, Elen!

    Quite true! She's cute but she barks a lot! :) Thank you for commenting!

    Have a terrific weekend ahead!


  • Hi, Onee!

    That's good! Learning new onomatopoeic words is interesting as it improves our vocabulary. Thank you for the comment!

    Have a lovely weekend ahead!


  • So she is cute and a little wild, hehe :)

  • Hi Robbie!

    I was thinking about onomatopoeia blog. ^^ Nice photo!

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