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A View from A Moving Train

They are palm trees around flooded paddy fields. So wide paddy fields area were flooded by water. But everything is fine.I took this photo last Monday as I took the train to come back to Surabaya.Thank you for visiting my gallery. :)
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  • Thank you for your comment and like, Pepe.

  • Dear Ameur,

    Thank you for visiting my gallery. Glad to see you around. ^_^

  • beautiful..

  • Hi Rotary

    How did you know? :D Yes, It's near Gresik. :D 

    Btw, I didn't say those are dates if you read all comments. ^^ I just don't know what kind of Palm this is. So, this is Palmyra. Then, so many thanks for your information. Do you mean 'TOWAK' for that alcoholic drink? :D Visit Surabaya anytime by train, Rotary.... I may say hello to you. ^^

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Onee-Chan,

    I believe that Picture taken around Lamongan close to Gresik, :D

    as my understanding, those tree is Palmyra fruit tree instead of Dates/Finik, they are bunch of them around Lamongan, the water from the top tree is so sweet but it will change be Alcoholic in 2-3 days.

    anyways, Really missed that view :D:D

  • Great! I rarely eat them, too, as the shop is far from my place. However, the shop would be everywhere next month. I'm happy with that. Hehe.. Thank you for your reply. ^_^

  • Yes, I like them, but I eat them rarely.

  • Thanks, Roman. :)

    I wonder if you like and often eat finik. :)

  • We also call it "Finik" :)

  • Thank you, Onee!

    But that picture is also beautiful without a railway! :)

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