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A story behind food

Two weeks ago, one of my colleagues called me when I was on the way home after work. She told me that she had refueled at a petrol station but she'd left her purse at our office. It was really bad because she found that she had no money or a credit card to pay after refueling, and she was very embarrassed. At first, she tried to persuade the pump attendant to let her go back for her purse. Unfortunately, he wouldn't allow her to do so even though she was willing to leave her smartphone as a pledge or guarantee. Finally, she had no choice but to call me for help. When I arrived at the petrol station, she was like a child doing something wrong, and thanked me many times. I thought it was nothing, we should help each other. I believe any of my colleagues would have done the same even if she hadn't called me. And the next day, she bought us breakfast in return. Thanks to her, we had a good time with her warm breakfasts, sesame pancakes with fried bread stick.If you also have an unique or moving story behind one thing, welcome to upload your own photo (and write a short description) to the photo gallery using the " A story behind _____ " title. For example, A story behind a book, a piece of scarf, etc. Look forward to hearing your story.
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  • Jasmine, help yourself!  :D

  • @Junco, it's one of our traditional food people would eat for breakfast. If you eat it with a cup of a rice milk or soybean milk. Oh.. it's super! :)

  • @Ehab, my pleasure! Would you like to try sharing your story with us?  

  • @AH_TK, this looks not as big as you thought. There is no problem I can eat it alone. lol

  • hello my friend 

    I thank the circumstances to showed what the inner you .

  • Grace, away from that all .. i have one question. ... are you gonna eat that alone ?

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