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A Green Snail making its way to the unknown

What if you dump some water somewhere, wait for the snails to come out and watch them, this is what the picture is all about.
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  • Nice click :)

  • @Dara, Salam ! I'm good, thanks and thank you for stopping by :)

  • Salam Bill Vortz. Ki daiyir? bekhair wa la baas alaik. Ana kanabgi algawagii bizzf. Thanks for sharing.

  • @Roman & Onee-chan Thank you for your support, I do really appreciate it. :)

    @ Luci, haha Thank you, I'm really flattered, so, do you think I am qualified enough to work for National Geography ? :D 

  • Bill.. it is a very professional photo of yours! If I didn't know you are so good... I would be suspecious and would think you stole it from National Geographic :D btw it is supposed to be compliment :p
  • I also thought the same with Roman at the first look. :D

    What a great idea! Two Thumbsup, Bill Vortz. :)

  • And it was good idea:D

  • @ Grace and Onee-chan, Thanks, it was the first picture I took, a long time ago.

    @Roman, Thanks. Well, I put the snail on a white marble and took the dark side on the bottom to make it appear like an infinite space.

  • Omg, fom the first look, I thought, that snail is in the space... 

    Thank you for sharing! Very nice picture!

  • Cool snail! 8)

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