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A crow's nest on top of the tree

A crow's nest on top of the tree
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  • Hi dear Estanis,

    Of course I prefer little parrots to crows, although both are birds parrots are more lovely :D

  • Oh Saba! don't let me down :'(
    I thought you prefer little parrots to crows.
  • Hi dear Coral,

    I agree with you, poor ugly crows!!!

    On the other hand, they are lucky, because of their ugly sound, no one keep them in cages, and for their ugly appearance no one kill and stuff them. But remember they must hunt other chicks for survival. Thanks so much for your nice comment, and don't be so cruel to crows :D

  • Hi dear Alyeta,

    Fortunately, the tree was very tall and I think no one can climb up it and reach the nest.

  • Hi dear Ahmad,

    Thanks so much for your nice comment although you are very busy.

    Yes, of course I took some photos from this tree and chose this one.

  • Hi dear Noa,

    I was far from the tree and I saw two crows were flying away the nest, then I came near and took this photo :D

  • Nice photo, I like birds but I don't know why I don't like crows, perhaps because they are ugly both in appearance and in sound or perhaps since they attack chick birds and sometimes eat bird eggs.

  • I hope you didn't disturb the peace while taking the photo. LOL

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