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A Comrade


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  • Oh, that small cute thing came to learn English together with you, Onee!

    But it seems, you have opened a new window of MyEC without letting poor mosquito to finish previous one! :P

    Thank you for sharing this picture, Onee! :)))

  • Hey, what is mosquito doing on MyEC? I hate mosquito!

  • It was so calm and clinging there. I just took the photo by chance.

    Thank you for your comment, Laboni. :)

  • mosquito  is so dangerous now. I feel fear it. mosquito  spreading various disease.........Really awesome shoot. how you taken this moment? Thanks for sharing dear Onee chan. 

  • Dear Rosemary,

    Yeah, I was just joking about 'comrade' ^^ Though it is very bad, that time it bit the screen in spite of me. :D

    Ha..ha....yes Sure. When the rainy season comes,,,, they are abundant here. :((

    But you know since childhood, I'm not too sensitive with this bugs like others. I will move them from my skin slowly. Maybe that's why I call them a friend. :D

    Thank you for your comment and like. ^^

  • NotAClue

    I never intentionally kill mosquito.......with my hand. Killer gases will do. :D I'm sorry.

    Why I don't like kill mosquito whenever they land on my skin is because I don't want they implant their mouth on my skin. Nay, never. ^^ I like and dare with many animals except ..... :D

    ...and it finally failed to change the tab. :)))

    Thank you for your interesting comment. ^^

  • Eva,,,

    C'mon.....Bugs are beautiful creature. :))))

    Btw, the mosquito is not as big as you see in the picture. :D It's just a normal-size mosquito. ^^

    Thank you for the comment and like. I'm giggling.... ^^

  • Sir Dara

    Everyone here is a friend to me. :)

  • Tidak apa apa, teman ku. Kamu teman ku, bukan? You are welcome, Onee!

  • Thanks for your reply, Sir Dara. :)

    Hi Shadow, you are here... Thanks for liking my photo collection. :)))

This reply was deleted.