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A Challenge from a Different Type

This photo was taken during my trip to Taif two months ago (I also published a blog to show some more photos from it)..
My challenge for now is:
There is something seen in the photo. when you see what it is, please hit the "like" button, and name it :D
let's see how good your observation is :D
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  • Not exactly in the middle, but it's closer to the left hand. I hope I am not hallucinating. (hahaha) 

  • So smart! :D :D Please hit the like button and name it. lol.....

    I see something yellow at the center of the picture. I'm not sure what that is.

  • In the middle of photo, I spot a man in white shirt and black trousers sitting on the ground. (Smiling)

  • Is that thing you are looking for?2643666887?profile=original

  • Just kidding )
    Where's Taif ??
  • Cable car / Ropeway

    I have been there before )

  • So small, "The smallest in the biggest" 

  • lol...I saw something but hehehe...won't tell you. You should tell me first. Deal?

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