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A Challenge from a Different Type

This photo was taken during my trip to Taif two months ago (I also published a blog to show some more photos from it)..
My challenge for now is:
There is something seen in the photo. when you see what it is, please hit the "like" button, and name it :D
let's see how good your observation is :D
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  • OMG, Mr. Dara.. 

    No way, that a person can sleep while driving on such a dangerous mountainous road.. May Allah Save you always.. It's new information for me that during your 80s you were here in Saudi :) 

    I am wish you a long happy life, Mr. Dara.. Thanks for passing by it :) 

  • Teskkur ederim AG! I was driving my Cresida car by nigh in 1985. I slept while driving. Mansoor woke me up. I couldn't forget Alhada abyss.
  • Dear All,

    Thank you so much for your nice words and participation :)


    I would have liked to see your participation with us, even it was answered early.. your participation always means a lot to me :)


    It's good that you can see now :D

    Adaline Bala

    Thank you so much. I am happy that you like the photos :) 

    ELF-Noor's Page
    ELF-Noor's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • Dear AG, Lovely to see the other pictures, Now It makes sense. Thanks for sharing.

  • Now I can see it clearly... :D

  • Nope, I am here for only reading comments in this photo challenge.. :p
    BTW I don't want to spoil the winning position;)
    Not like that,
    This challenge was end already when I first visit this challenge..
    So I could not participate in it.. ^.^
  • and here are more photos of the Cable Car :) 






  • Here are the trolleys of the cable car.. and yes the answer is: it's a cable car :) 

    I wish it's clear now. I think you can click on it to zoom it in, and see it in its actual resolution.


    Thanks to all friends who tried to answer this challenge... 

    Special Thanks to Anna for giving the correct answer... Also to Onee-chan, Hurieh, Serene, Adaline, and Rosemary also for coming very close to the answer.. 

    Thank you all. I wish you had a good time and learnt a new vocabulary though this challenge :) 

  • If the yellowish green in the bottom on the right is supposed to be the green, so I will tell u it is the green :p
    I will post more photos in the evening to clarify.
    Thanks and congrats to you all for answering this challenge :P
  • :D Which one is right? yellow, orange or green? :D2643668177?profile=original

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