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My village has been inundated

We are experiencing rain throughout the past week, it's absolutely bucketing down and flooding the country. It has been known from the weather forecast that this heavy downpour, on account of monsoon moisture from Bay of Bengal, will long last for another week. 

My village has been inundated with this flooding.

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  •    I hope that you will pass this rain season  safely 

    • More or less floods occur in Bangladesh almost every year, this year we experienced severe damage and it leads to a flood crisis.  Now hopefully we will recover bit by bit. Thanks for the comment Rosemary :)

  • Indeed, the situation is pretty tough. Though, the picture itself recalls in my memory my happy childhood in my grandma's countryside. never care about floods or any other natural phenomenon/disaster like that. I can only imagine how great the kids feel there playing their paper boats.

    After the rain, there always come sunny days...this is what I feel while looking at this picture. I like it despite the evident problem shown there.

    Thank you for sharing, Mr. Silas.

    • Olga, I'm not a forgetful of my childhood. Your comment brings me back to the memories of my green days when I used to fun in the flood water in so many ways. Generally, our villages used to go underwater in the rainy season with the exception of the homesteads where villagers abide in their houses. Nowadays the scenario has been changed a lot with the development of roads, embankments, and other facilities. Without excessive flooding, roads don't go underwater as a rule. So I feel pity for the kids, unlike me, deprived of such fun and amusements. We used to build rafts with banana stem and have fun all day( like the image).

      I assume you got a kid mind, like me, inside you. So I would like to invite you to come over here, let's have some fun, make rafts and splash floodwater each other. 



      • Oh yeahhh....this is a childhood to dream about. We used to escape from parents to the rivers and how to swim...without any adults around. I m just surprised how we stayed alive so Just look how happy those kids in the picture..hahaha. 

        Thanks for the guess I am not that good enough to break the rules right now...I have to play the role of a responsible adult... but maybe when I am in my 80s..and I will be a naughty oldie...I will eagerly accept the challenge to make some


        • Well, then let keep us growing old, and let the flood come again. 

          Thanks for the feedback :-D

  • Hi, Silas, it makes me always speechless to see such things and being unable to help. I remember talking about those recurring situations and disasters with someone from Bangladesh a few months ago. Hope you and your family/friends are okay! I like the documentary-style of the photo. Thx for sharing the picture. 

    • NotAclue, Thaks for your empathy and touchy comments. Well, My family and I are well here,  we live hundreds of kilometers away from our village for many decades still having a close contact and regular visit. hope the people of my village and relatives will not be affected severely there. Besides its devastating character, floods bring rich alluvial soil to our land making our arable soil fertile every year. Let's think positive and hope for the best.

       Photo Credit goes to a friend of mine. He sent it to me. Thanks again for such a nice comment.

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