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My fish are in a meeting, plotting how to take over the world. They believe they are four at this moment.

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  • Probably just playing hide n seek and got confused on which one was suppose to hide and which was to seek

    • 😂 😂

      • PS:  fish not fishes; I have 2 fish     Fish is similar to sheep, deer and fruit - singular and plural are the same word.  Fishes does exist but it refers to species so I have 2 fishes would mean 2 species of fish whether there are just 2 fish or 2000 fish.  Same is true for fruit - fruits means varieties of fruit - there are many fruits in Indonesia.

        • I see. Well noted. Thanks Tim!

  • They cannot take over the world without water. ^^

    • 60% of the world is water and less land every year so the fish could have a chance

    • Spot on! But who knows? Developing a new technology that allows them to breathe on land is one of their plans. Just like how human survives in the water or outerspace.


      I am joking! Don't mind me 😂 😂.  I watch way too much of the "Stranger Things" series 🙌🏻 🙌🏻.

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