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Sweets and cakes for the birthday of the twins.
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  • Shookran bizzaf Halima! Dialkum bihal dialna. I really appreciate your sincere feelings. Extend my regards to your respected family. I shall tell my wife, Fatima about your nice comment. Thanks.

  • Mashaa Allah. have a great time enjoying these sweets with your lovely family.

  • Zao shang hao Mountainandearth. XIie xie! Thanks for your nice comment on that table. I like to learn the languages of the  other people.  Thanks again. 

  • I'm glad to know you here. and you can tell me your ID for skype, then we can speak some content on skype. why do you want to learn chinese?

  • Van shang hao, ha xie xie Mountainandearth, I really need your help in improving my Chinese language. It is moving very slowly.  My sons wanted to eat the whole table. Their mother told them that was not right. The sweets for all of the people. Then they understood. Thanks, Mountainandearth for your nice comment on that table.

  • oh,the sweets look very delicious. and i think your children are happy and pleasure. because their mother do the sweets for them by herself. and the sweets can express the concern to your children.

  • Jee SNR! They were made by my wife Fatima and her sister. They spent more than five hours preparing that table. I told them to buy from the shops, but my wife said no. We know how to make these sweets and they really did it. My sons wanted to have the whole table for themselves, putting in their mind that it was their birthday. Thanks, SNR for your nice comment. 

  • Khaili mumnoon doste khobam! You know all about them. Believe me, I find some difficulty in differentiating between cakes, cheese, pizza. They look to me as sweets. Thanks for your nice and occupational comment.

  • Wow! Sound delicious...Home-made cheesecake, cupcakes, mini pizza and... 

  • Oo, masarap mod. Robbie! It is indeed very delicious. My wife and her sister, both women worked hard for hours to make that table. Thanks for your nice comment on that table. 

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