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Tribal Village, Palawan

Taken at the Palawan Tribe
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  • Hi Glosky very daring Image


  • sooo creepy! ewww !!

  • I would not like to try it. I am so scared of snakes. :( It would give me goosebumps if I touch n felt its skin and movement. 

  • I am so scared!

  • @Onee-chan, Thanks! I suggest you overcome your fear by holding that snake lol

    @SNR, Thanks, would you like to try it?

    @Mishaikh, it is not poisonous because all the teeth were removed. Though it could strangle you to death before it eats you...hahaha

  • Hi Glosky,

    So you were holding your breath while smiling. lol

    Well done!! Great job! :D I admire your courage.

  • Lol Glosky, Well done! you have taken it successfully. :)))

  • Is it a pet? Is it poisonous? I am very much afraid of .......................Sn.............kae, though I dream a lot. 

  • Hi Onee-chan! hahaha :) :) :)

  • hahaha!! SNR, I am so afraid, believe me, but for the sake of picture taking, I hold my breath while smiling (?), until they are finished with the took the photographer to take 3 shots...imagine that...hahaha...i was exasperated! lol

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