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What A Modification!

I saw a husband and wife with their child on the way. I focused on how creative they modificated their motorbike. It's surely out of standart and it is not allowed when we talk about certification.

I would say 'so creative, romantic, cool, funny, dare'. What are your thoughts?

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  • its obvious that if the wife and little kid get on the motorbike, it won't fit ^^

    • Hello Oogway,

      Yes it fits to them. 😁 Thanks for your comment.

  • Halo mod. Onee Chan, tetapi saya tidak melihat anak. I can't see the child. I like their way of thinking. Thanks for sharing. 

    • The woman use the baby carrier (black) and you can see a part of the head of the baby (beside helmet) 😅

  • Halo mod. Onee Chan. Saya suka nya. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Thanks, Mr. Salah.

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