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~Do You know this Dish~

Hi there,

After a long time, I thought I should post an image for discussion and fun.. :P

Mishaikh Sir will know it.. :P :X


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  • Main gulti samjgiya, Elf. At first, I thought it was chicken biriani porrage. Elf, I hope that you are doing fine, you and your family.

  • It looks almost like a rasmalai but i have a little doubt about it because of its shape. 

    Will be waiting for your reply :)

    • yes it is rasmlai, 

      I cooked it first time, thats why it shape is not perfect.. XD


      • Don't worry! I made only once in my entire life :D what matters most is the taste rather than shape. :)))

        • :P,

          really, but I made two times... 

          It taste was yummy... ^_^

      • Wooow! 

        Rasmali is my favourite sweet dish :))) so yummyyy i made it once long ago. 

  • Is it rasmalai a sweet dish. 


  • This reply was deleted.
    • Nope, it's bolls of powder milk in milk.. :P 

This reply was deleted.