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It's my first trying to slide on ski slope. Despite I had been run skiing about 7 years, my friends convinced me to take snowboard. They was first on ski slope too. :D It was very hard! We have bought 10 tickets for the downhill run, but used only 3, because we had a lot of falls. But it getting started by the end and we understood how slide on snowboard without coach and theory! It's amazing and awesome! Presently I have another one reason to love winter.

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  • Brrrr ... I can feel my whole body is cold

    I love winter too, but just for my writing :-) Nice view

  • It looks cool but feels too cold to me!

    • It was very warm, about 0 degrees celcious))

  • You look very handsome in snow! :-D I'm having troubles to concentrate on the amazing view behind you. XD 
    Anyways, I admire when people try new things. But to be honest I'm too much of a chicken for downhill skiing, not to mention snowboarding!! ;-)))

    Thx for sharing :)

    • Thanks for comment! Don't need afraid to try something new. If you want something - just do it and later you'll say "what a fantastic experience!"))

      • Yeah, you're right... Next time I see a ski lift I will think of you... and keep walking the other direction. ;-)))

        • ahahah xD

    • Lol, Nota ))) hahah


      Though yeah...the picture is amazing as well as the experience itself. Thanks for boasting here, Ilya, made me envy you. )))

  • Enjoy it 

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