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A Happy Moment

A Happy Moment
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  • Sure, my little naughty're the cutest among all these girls. :-)

  • Thanks Brother Rajesh! But I am more cute than in the pic. hahaha...Ooopss ^.^

  • WoW! my little naughty sis is very cute.

  • Thank you Mahtab 40. This clothes name'is "Kebaya", the traditional clothes of Javaness. Oh...Do you have family from Indonesia Mahtab? Where are you from? Nice to meet you in here...=)

  • so nice and coverded clothes ...i really liked your clothes

    i hope ican sew like them for my family party when other men 

    are in my home....

  • Ya, lovely Teacher, She is so beautiful

  • Hi Mitran!...

    Thank you have accept my request. I am very happy be friend with you. I hope, someday we can more interactions and sharing our story and culture...Thank you Mitran and this is for you...


  • Beautiful girls... but Where are you? in the left??

  • How beautiful all of you are there!!!
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