A little surprise every day.

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Comment by Bernd Kohl on December 11, 2018 at 13:03
@AG I had no special idea except to light the background.
Comment by Bernd Kohl on December 11, 2018 at 12:58
@NotAClue You're right, nutcrackers always look a little angry. I think he's too old to really crack nuts.
16zd2f8zqdipw Comment by 16zd2f8zqdipw on December 10, 2018 at 12:52

@O.M. the new calendar Advent calendar... LOL Love it... :-DD

@Bernd I have one too this year. :-) Thanks for sharing your pic! Can I borrow your nutcracker? Why they are always looking so angry?? 

Comment by AG on December 10, 2018 at 10:13

I am surprised how all these cultures and objects are fit with each other in a random combination like in your picture... what's the identity of this combination, or let's say, what's the idea of this picture? 

Comment by O. M. on December 9, 2018 at 9:13

Hi,  Bernd Kohl,

Thank you for sharing with us not only part of your culture but also your mood and creativity ))) I know Mayan's calendar, Aztecs' calendar, Julian's calendar, and many others...but I have never heard about the Advent Calendars ))) 

Thank you, Rose, for the link. It seems an interesting and lovely tradition that helps to get yourself into the Christmass spirit )))

Comment by Onee-chan on December 9, 2018 at 1:19

Thank you, Mr. Bernd Kohl and Rose. I just know this custom.

Have a great December! ^_^

Comment by Rose Iris on December 8, 2018 at 17:39

Hi, Onee-chan, the following link let you see the meaning of Advent Calendars in Germany.


Comment by Bernd Kohl on December 8, 2018 at 17:34
An advent calendar does not show the weather, but there is a small gift in each of the 24 small boxes. It is an old Christmas custom for children. The first door is opened on 1 December and the last on Christmas Eve. I made this calendar from cardboard and it represents a train, a locomotive and 23 wagons.

Comment by Onee-chan on December 8, 2018 at 16:37

Hi Mr.Bernd!

Does it mean it shows the weather on every date? :) 

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