Photo Contest

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The Winners!

Thank you for joining English Club's 2010 Photo Contest. We received close to 300 submissions during the month of May. As a result, MyEC's photo gallery is full of new photos that are useful for learning English. We hope these photos inspire MyEC members to build and share creative web albums for English learners worldwide. Now for the winners!
Writing Wherever Winner: Nadiyah
Photo Title: Writing Wherever
Photo Description: "this girl caught my attention and I wonder to see her be able to write in a moving vehicle ... she said to me ... to pursue the time! time is precious ... isn't it?"

Runner-up: Forget-me-Not
Photo Title: Let me check my EC profile...
Description: "Never too young to learn English."

Runner-up: Pankaj
Photo Title: Heavy rain..
Description: "during heavy rain, water was as falling from roofs like as falling from taps"
ALL 3 winners will receive a copy of Word Up, the world's most popular ESL board game. The #1 photo will also be featured on the MyEC main page for one month! Please take a moment to congratulate our winners and leave your comments about their work!

Why did these 3 photos "stand out from the pack"?
There were so many excellent photos it was difficult to choose the winners. Our panel of judges created a shortlist of winning photos based on the Winning Photo Checklist.
  1. Original (not copied)
  2. Includes a Title (short and enticing is better than long and waffling)
  3. Includes a description (this is for more information not included in the title)
  4. Includes tags
  5. Encourages comments

The #1 photo was selected by all of the judges. It also included a location! This helped set it apart from the other winning photos.

Congratulations to ALL 3 winners! We really enjoyed your photos, titles and descriptions. Thank you for taking the time to upload the best of the best to our MyEC gallery. We also want to thank all of the members who took time to view, rate and comment on the entries, as well as all of the teachers and learners who helped spread the word about this contest.

Tip for ALL photographers (including our winners)
Don't forget to use proper capitalization and punctuation in your titles and descriptions. Please proofread your description before you publish. Your photo is a piece of art. It could have thousands of viewers!