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  • Ferhat Aslan

    GenderMale LocationGaziantep Birthday:July 8 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]astranout in ocean
  • Pathum Darashana Fernando

    GenderMale LocationKalutara Birthday:April 3 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]If i now change my past,i will change who i am right now
  • Yassim Iyap

    GenderMale LocationKota Kinabalu Birthday:March 8 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]regardless
  • Manfred Ham

    GenderMale LocationPurgstall Birthday:February 21 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]tomato tomato
  • Ethan Taylor

    GenderMale LocationSydney Birthday:July 7 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Actions speak louder than words
  • john austin

    GenderMale LocationBrooklyn, NY Birthday:September 5 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]eating
  • Nayeli Nicol Moreno Toribio

    GenderFemale LocationPanam√°, Birthday:January 7 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]I can do everything in Christ who strengthens me
  • Abegyn M. Boongaling

    GenderFemale LocationCalapan Birthday:October 25 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.
  • Melinda

    GenderFemale LocationMacao Birthday:January 15 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]To be the change you want to see in the world
  • judiqqonline

    GenderMale LocationJakarta Birthday:April 25 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]N/A
  • Emmie E

    GenderFemale LocationBritish Columbia Birthday:May 2 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Such is life
  • Rizky Syahputra Koto

    GenderMale Locationmedan Birthday:October 9 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]no pain no gain
  • yashvant Taware

    GenderMale LocationPUNE Birthday:September 17 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]If you skip a mile make it two
  • Mukesh Kumar

    GenderMale LocationLUCKNOW Birthday:October 12 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
  • Anamika Singh

    GenderFemale LocationPune Birthday:April 6 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Rubix Market Research
  • Jordan Pinker

    GenderMale LocationOttawa, ON, Canada Birthday:February 2 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give
  • frank thomas

    GenderMale Locationperth Birthday:February 4 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]yes
  • Ehsan

    GenderMale LocationTehran Birthday:January 1 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]People don't have ideas. Ideas have people. (Karl G. Jung)