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  • Lankeshwara Kelum Lankeshwara

    GenderMale LocationGalle Birthday:December 31 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Hatred ceases not by hatred but by love
  • saunder smarshal

    GenderFemale LocationCulver City, CA Birthday:February 19 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]The best way to predict the future is to invent it
  • Nivedha Chellam

    GenderFemale LocationRedmond, WA Birthday:September 9 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Life is beautiful
  • Aruna

    GenderFemale LocationBand Birthday:March 1 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Know nothing
  • Van Duc THo

    GenderMale LocationHuế Birthday:October 26 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]"If you are good at something never do it for free" - Joker (Heath Ledger).
  • FriedaAnkunding

    GenderFemale LocationNew York, NY Birthday:February 1 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]do or die
  • Amir Ranjouriheravi

    GenderMale LocationTabriz Birthday:May 20 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Amir
  • Hadeer Mostafa

    GenderFemale LocationCairo Birthday:January 4 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans
  • Tarek Reda

    GenderMale LocationCairo Birthday:November 6 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Practice as much as possible
  • Eduardo Gonzalez

    GenderMale LocationBuenos Aires Birthday:November 17 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]everything goes on
  • Sumeet Yadav

    GenderMale LocationPunjab Birthday:September 30 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]The only thing we have to fear is fear itself
  • Yididiya Girma

    GenderFemale Locationdire dawa Birthday:June 6 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Better late than never
  • Syed Hussnain Haider Shirazi

    GenderMale Locationislamabad Birthday:August 26 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.
  • Zonal rk

    GenderMale LocationKerala Birthday:September 24 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Hope for the best,but prepare for the worst
  • Amany Shehata

    GenderFemale LocationAlexandria Birthday:August 8 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Don't wait for others to educate you, educate yourself
  • ANu bn

    GenderFemale LocationLos Angeles, CA Birthday:December 26 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]go with flow
  • Karthik Elangovan

    GenderMale LocationChennai Birthday:October 16 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Believe in yourself
  • Dzmitry yaikau

    GenderMale LocationToronto Birthday:February 15 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]HI!