Friends (22)

  • Shadab

    GenderMale LocationKolkata Birthday:June 29 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Mf
  • Ivy

    GenderFemale LocationABH My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Nothing will come of nothing
  • Niloofar s

    GenderFemale LocationRasht Birthday:July 28 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Where there's a will, there's a way.
  • benhelal seyf eddine

    GenderMale LocationAlger Birthday:July 4 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]A bad workman always blames his tools
  • O. M.

    GenderFemale Location$$$ My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]No
  • Basma

    GenderFemale LocationBahrain Birthday:August 9 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Time flies
  • Shawn Papi

    GenderMale LocationWashington, DC Birthday:January 9 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]In everything, then, do to others as you would have them do to you.
  • Jane Hudson

    GenderFemale LocationWest Yorkshire Birthday:April 27 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]just give me a minute
  • Sophie Huynh

    GenderFemale LocationVinh Long Birthday:April 1 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]The mind is everything. What you think, you become.
  • mahmoud

    GenderMale Locationcairo Birthday:October 1 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]work hard
  • Fake

    GenderMale LocationCapitol of Fake world Birthday:March 1 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Not applicable
  • Rose Iris

    GenderFemale LocationGermany My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Where there is a will, there is a way.
  • Kal

  • Onee-chan

    GenderFemale LocationSurabaya Birthday:March 19 My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]"Allah's love is perfectly beautiful"
  • S€KH@R

    GenderMale LocationIndia... My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Go Out into the world today and love the people you meet Lets your present light new light on the hearts of people
  • Megatron

    GenderMale LocationDelhi Birthday:January 18
  • Mrs Sia

    GenderFemale LocationSOUTH OF EUROPE My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]Every cloud has a silver lining: There's some compensation or basis for hope in most troubles or difficulties.
  • sewar

    GenderFemale LocationAmman Birthday:October 3