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  • Thanks a lot myfriend

  • Hi Tariq,
    How are you? I hope you are doing well. Thanks you adding me. WELCOME.

    Good day,

  • ya i too familiar the word W (war)
    as i live in Pakistan,for the last eight years the people frm my country are facing a lot of troubles which are the product of bloody war.
    The USA played and is playing,or will be playing a major role.They are the bloody people they dont care anyone,they claim that they are the right one in the world,but by God i m telling u the truth they dont ve any sncerity for human beings,
    They always get thier own purposes.they want ot rule the oveer the world.dear look at Iraq,Afghanistan,Libia,Lubnan,Phalisteen,Pakistan,they killed thousand of people on the name of humanity.There is no Talbinization in Pakistan,American People just highlight it,
    But i m here to Ruquset the whole world,please please fot God sake stop killing the number of people,if u want to see HUMANITY so come to Pakistan and see the homeless people and the thousand of families which vave lost their love ones,
    I dont understand the one question? why only Muslim r in trouble,in hot water,have they committed the sins which r not forgiveable????????????????????????
    or the jews, the christian,the hinduo’s,the sikh,the mongoles, are they innocent people?
    only Muslims are the responsible for this destrucrions?
    for God sake people please do mend their ways,please
    look at yourself and analyse it what is wrong and what is right?
    the things you watch or read on media r far away from reality,
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"ya i too familiar the word W (war)
as i live in Pakistan,for the last eight years the people frm my…"
May 9, 2019
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life is so precious so plz dont waste in foolish realize the importance of it.I love…
May 8, 2019