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this topic i have given because i want to know the reason from you. u can write here for it or against it.

i have go with for them, because i am thinking that

1. they are also human like us.they are not criminal and not does any offence

2.they have right to choose to change their gender if they doesn't feel comfortable with it.

3.should treat them as human not animal or slave or dirty thing.

4.people should get to know about this matter,until all can not go forward.

5.give them supports that they can live like other.

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christmas is coming with lots of joy. i am making plan and taking preparation for the day. i have joined cooking class. so i will make some good items, will decorate my room and house. my friends will come. will go out side and will do some fun.

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why night is so dark?

i lost my best friend last week. he died in accident. it was car accident, when he returened from office one big four wheeler hit his car from behind and crashed and run over his car. my friend died on the spot. no one was there for help day police came to his house and informed his family about their son death. i was shocked when i heared. i broked and felt down. one week going i am alone, feeling empty. he was there one week ago. it is so heard to believe that today he is no more. i am totally broked. 

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empty road

i am crying just because i lost my friends who watched my house and my old parents. yes i am feeling sad.i love my street dogs, they were my friends and my brother. but i have lost them how and why? the picture was not like this few days ago. some of our neighbour heard that this street dogs can be a harmfull. they have little baby in their house. every night these dogs were soughting on the road and they felt disturb. so they called the animal catcher next day. in the morning they came and caught them one by one. now road is empty and every one now can take good sleep. but i can not because i lost them forever. god ur not here. why did u do that ? tell me. i am alone. who will call me? i never find them.

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Poor Life

time was going good. we were enjoyed so much. but the god became crude. why? because from in this moment i am going to share with you one pathitic story.the girl age was 20+, she joined as therapist. she hired by 5000/ pm. her parents left her in childhood in their relatives. her maternal uncle and her grand mother looked after her.she completed her school education but could not go further because for money. so, she is helping her family with her salary. the owner is not good, they always did bad with her, they never show good attitude and even love towards her. but they loves their child. every time that girl look after their boy,but they never told her for one day meal. she did best from her side. they scold her for not learning properly therapy. we saw her eyes it becomes red and small water ball comes down from her eyes. one day she was ready for the work but suddenly one phone came and she left out. next day we heard that she was doing sales from door to door in each building in this scroching heat. they did not give her food and money. some how her parents became know because her maternal uncle saw her on the road when she was saleing goods. next day she came and worked with ous. but at night we got to know that she finally decided and left the job. now we are handling everything. but the thing was not good. this is corporate work.

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corporate house

basically am working n a corporate house,i do not feel well at all. have work pressure all the time,tough compitition,no good friend.still working.HR department gives pressure,we fights with each other.our god is client. dedication is give oil to our boss. i hate all this. 

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reservation become curse in the system. we could not reached to the development with this reservation. politician played with them. reservation can not bring development but can secure some seats.this system apply for back ward cast people,but they does not get proper oppertunity for take this advantages. politicians plays with this system. reservation can kill bright people. this system came in our constitution by dr. ambedkar after freedom. in 1987, the mondal commission draw more line for backward cast, same day in delhi people showed protest against this systems. if we look in history there are so many evidences we have that this system people did not take easily. 

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In India, we don't have much no. of schools where children can get proper education. It's fact that our govt. failed to reach education to the children. Every year from govt. side allocated a good ransom money for this education project. but somehow it could not reach up to that level. In India many families are still lives in village and they are working as labor for their daily lives. It's very difficult to expense money on education. so the parents send their children for work. Those schools which are specially in rural area, there has least infrastructure and teachers also. But somehow they manage and try to run their schools. we need more fund for this. Hope that our future will get proper education and build a good future. 

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natural disaster happened in nepal

last week we were witness when earth quake came, but nepal suffered maximum. their people came down on the road and was helpless,many of them lost their relatives by this disaster, it took them away. in india i felt this when i was in my cabin. i was sit on one chair. when i was shaking in sitting position, i thought that i had headache but suddenly i heard peoples cried out and left the building. so i was running and left my cabin and came outside on the road, after few minutes again i entered but still we had feared. again we felt same way and came out from the building. on that time we heard that nepal got maximum effect by this earth quake. i was witnessed. 

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regional new year

hii every one. today i have written blog on regional new year. we know that this festivel doesn't mean anyway. but i like to celebrate. we follow the whole world accepted celender. this is our own regional new year and we are also follow our own date. i am very much proud. because it's not only repesent our culture but also our existence. we have our own time and date from when we started counting our time in past. till we are celebrating. hope who are thinking same kindly share their feeling with ous.happy regional new year.

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i was waiting for the day,finally it has come. every year it gives me surprise. i love to watch this ceremony. not for glamour. i would do some predict which movie will win. some time i win along with  failure. hope this year it will be more big.

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je suis charlie hobde


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religion v/s civil society

hiii friends,

           this time i have chosen this topic,because i want to know your opinion about this.i have gone through so many books,articles,papers related to history of evolution.but i could not find my question was how and when fear become religious?who had motivated to people?i have many and power created discrimination in society.For own benefit human divided the population into the the past time human worship the gods by the different names,on that time human did not start the religion matter.but slowly they brought this matter into the social light.made the group,community,nation etc bye the name of religion. i am afraid who did start this ?civic society made by us,who are trying to save the sense of human.slowly slowly we become monster and loss our civic sense.hope the idol will come forward who was witnessed when the religious created bye the name of that god. 

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resolution for 2015

few days ago we have crossed one more year we are in 20015.i have already made my resolution for 2015.i was thinking so many times that what to do for coming year?than i took one decision that lets do some good works and take initiate action on my works. so i have already taken action.still today i am working on my revolutionary projects.

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i do celebrate when ever i get time.from childhood till now i celebrated lots of days.i love my family.i like to celebrate with them.i always try to make happy to my celebration is a part of my life.people forget to they become more barbaric,kill to each other,doing crime etc.but still they also find some where make laugh and be happy.

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feel good and lethergy,but never get tired.because winter means cold weather,wear fashinable warm cloths,travel,join party everything.i love this season. i feel happy. every year i make plan for travel outside.specially i do party on 25th and on 31st december. i love to eat cake,pastry.on those days i prefre to eat these things.

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journey to gowmteswar temple in shrabhavanabelagola

how do i start did not know. i was thrilling to write about my journey in detail. i was making a plan to go out in weekend near by. so i was searching tourist spot in near in google. i had searched which would be easy journey for me because i had only one day, i want to make it one day trip. so i decided to go to bahubali temple which is situated in shrabhavanabelagola. next day i woke up at 6.30am,clean myself properly and took some light foods. at 9.30 am went to majistic bus stop from where i could get my bus to reach my destination. after few minutes searched i got my correct bus and right up and sited. bust left at 11.05 am. before hand i got to know from bus conductor that it will take time near about two and half an in the mean time i took rest. in the route bus stopped at one site where people could take their foods and go to toilet. after few minutes again bus started. i reached my destination at 3.15 pm,from there i got one govt. bus by which i went to my destination. there were two hills name is vidhyagiri and chandragiri. that temple is jain temple. there is 500 stairs at the temple. one big pillar in the main enter.i reached there by break 500 stairs. i was totally tired. so took some rest and again start my journey. temple was made by dravidian culture. the main attraction was 57ft long granite stone made monolithic idol know as BAHUBALI. it was made by one single stone. this idol made in 1026 AD. beside that had many others idol which are keeping inside the cave.i took snaps there. there is one more hill know as chandragiri. after finished my first one i went there by broke of 400 stairs. there had many temples build by jain saint.i visited there and saw each and everything. after complete my journey i came back to my home. that was nice one day trip. 

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