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  • Hey Nataliya (Damsel in distress) If thou 'd like to speak fluently make me friend and see conclusion in two weeks.
  • yes, I want the same...


  • Hey Nataliya

    You can use the approach listed below.

    Read English articles and watch English movies with English subtitles

    Write as much as you can in English, but also talk as much as you can. Don't worry too much about pronunciation; it will come with repetition.

    Good Luck


    • You can use movie subtitles a few ways; you can have English Language sound with Native language subtitles; English Language sound with English subTitles; or Native Language movie with English subtitles.  Each has its role in improving comprehension.  

    • Ooo, thanks for advice) 

  • Be prepared to spend time every day using English then - it takes use to become fluent and that takes time; studies show 30 minutes a day is better than several hours crash studying once or twice a week
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