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  • Lol My resp.teacher Salah .Thank you ,Ay am father also a grandfather ! What can I do ?
  •      My friend, you have wondered what to do as a father at fathers’ day. With all my respect, I would like to pass a little advice to you from my experience as a mother. Nothing……..Yes nothing. Just set with a cup of coffee and ask yourself, have you ever been their backbone, no matter what? Have you ever made them think that, there was anything they couldn’t do? Have you ever made, every day, a room in your time to listen to them? And the most important thing is, have you ever kept your smile shines on your face every time you saw them. A smile can say:” You are not alone. If you need me, I am under your service”.

          If all your answers are; yes, drink your coffee with a smiley heart and quite mind. But if one of the answers is, no, drink your coffee with serious thinking, how you could manage the issue. And for sure, you can ask for help. God bless you and your beloved family as well.

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