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  •      Actually this saying has several perspectives. Happiness is one of them. So, I think we have not allow the problems which are facing us in our life’s path eat our time, hearts and souls. Or at the end, we will find ourselves are chained into confusing state due to our constantly looking for solutions. Not mentioned the number of happy opportunities which will be lost.

         Our eager to be happy must push us to seize every glimpse of happiness, especially, at darkest points. And then, the song of living the life fully and juicy will come, easily. Let us be like the bird whether be a captive one or a free one witch be always sings, no matter what. God bless you my dear friend.  

    • @sewar Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts. When I read this, I got the notion that maybe we are like bird. Every bird has songs and I guess the song implicitly suggests to our talent. But we can not sing a song beautifully just because the environment wants us to sing. We can do our part all out simply because we have that particular song inside us.  Have a nice day :))))

  • yes. She grew up not far from here before moving so her book has part of it taking place about 1 hour from my home
    • @ Tim New Interesting to know you were in the same neighborhood with her. Do you think the quote was originally from her or simply a proverb?

  • @ Tim New Maya Angelou:) ?
  • I know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  • Peony, saya suka burung banyak. I like birds. Thanks for sharing.
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