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  • @dino will u take me seriously? hhhhhh
    @sewar Agree with this. Because sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences. Karma won't spare you.
    • Tidak apa apa Peony. It is ok if you say so. Please, I never laugh at anyone. I respect others and likewise, I want to be respected. Don't take the matter so seriously, my lady. Thanks anyway.


  • Maybe sending a hitman solves this problem @_@! No one falls into his own pit and the target is finished.
    • Saya setuju dengan anda, Peony! Whatever you say is acceptable. Lol! It is just a proverb as the respected lady, Sewar mentioned in her reply. It is about our bad inner intention towards our brothers or friends.  Nevertheless, thanks for your nice words.


  • Sabahkum Allah bilkhair ya ustatha Sewar! Good intentions are important. If you dig that hole for others to hurt them, you are definitely going to fall into it. Thanks, Sewar for your good intentions. God bless you and your respected family.

  •    Yes my friend, if someone has a bad intention towards others, in so much, he sets a trap for them, he shall be caught in it. God bless you. 

This reply was deleted.