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  • Esraaaa?? Are you that one old golden peach esra???? Guess im wrong ...hahaaaa
  • Will you come to China? If you need some information, you can contact me.

  • Most of people use Wechat. Only a few people use QQ.Just like teacher, because QQ can easily upload materials for students. They are for QQ. It's not available for QQ international. If you can speak Chinese, QQ is better than QQ international.

  • TenCent's QQ and Weixin (WeChat) are 2 of the platforms Chinese can use without a vpn. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all blocked. I still use WeChat but I can't get my QQ QZome to function properly and the same is true for my international QQ Messenger
    • Yes, the Chinese school told me

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