Peony tweeted
Oct 5
A team of horses cannot overtake a word that has left the mouth. ~Wu Cheng'en, The Journey To The West~

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  • @Sewar : When we can't say something good, we are better off refraining from saying anything. I couldn't agree more, good words can be the best tool to encourage people.
  • @Shaheen : Exactly right, thanks Shaheen :)))
  • @Rosemary:) "never regret keeping silence for a time" // “Silence is sometimes the best answer” ~Dalai Lama XIV~
  •      My friend, as we eager to show people the beauty of ourselves to charm them. So, we have do that with our words as well. God bless you.

  • Once a word leaves your mouth, you cannot chase it back even with the swiftest horse.
  • A man regret speaking many time but never regret keeping silence for a time “ An Arabic saying
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