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  •      Sometimes our naivety refuses to believe that lambs are wolves in disguise. Add to that, every single day we walk side by side with them and deal with them. My friend, what could be more painful than, we have to accept this bitter reality?

          Finally, such people couldn’t dare to face the world with their dreadfulness. That’s why they like to hide their awful truth behind masquerades, it could be; charmed smile, mellifluent, well dressed and etc.……. In hope to deceive others. But unfortunately, they fool no one but themselves. God bless you.

    • Thul wajhain munafig ya ustatha Sewar. I will start from the last line of your wonderful comment, it is better to be as are. Wearing masks can hide your real face but not for long. Thanks, Sewar for your nice and meaningful words. God bless you and your family.

  • Lol , A monk makes crowd !huh
    • Non lo so ma tu sai, Adraino Martell. How are you, my dear friend. Extend my regards to your family.


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