Onee-chan tweeted
Sep 3, 2021
You know a lot about something then someone tell you a lot about it. They don't even hear your speaking. What do you say?

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  • listen to them patiently. You know why? you know it from your perspectives and now you have a chance to know the same from others' viewpoints. there must be addition of something new. practically I experience it many times

  •         At that point I can’t help myself from keeping the words deep down within me. That’s what I have been learned over my lifetime to prevent myself from meaningless and boring argument. God bless you my friend.  

  • Saya setuju dengan Peony. I agree with Peony.
  • I will say nothing at all. Silence is the only thing they deserve :)))
  • Nothing. I keep my thoughts to myself. I only say something when someone asks me for advice. ;-)

  • stop and here is my thought
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