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  • ...and good face can be shaped by a good heart.
    • Saya setuju dengan anda  mod. Onee Chan. I agree with you, my respected lady. 

  •           My friend, all what we need to have a good face without any makeup on is; weightless smile, honest and bride look, nice mouth with soft lips and polite tongue know how to choose the right words, fine ears know how, not only hear the sounds of the ones who are speaking, but also know how to listen to them carefully with all attention, delicate nose which only smells beautiful scents, and forehead brights with Gods' light.  God bless you.    

    • Sewar, zaojik rajul mahthuth. Your husband is a lucky man. Good heart, nice eyes. Ears that listen to the good talk. You describe the face without any makeup. I really appreciate your fine description of the ordinary face. By the way, some makeup derail the face if I may say so. Thanks, Sewar for your nice words.

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