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  •             My friend, all of us have like a hidden force that is holding us from more achievements, more connections, and more creative actions and, last but not least, daring more challenges. On another hand, there are many words, whether from our inner voice or from others, using the same fraise; you cannot do this or that, just to lay our will down. Furthermore, to crash our dreams. Really they are dream crashers.

                Actually, we have to be brave enough to hush all the negative voices which surrounded us and move on armed with our faith, courage, patience and surround ourselves with positive and optimistic people, or our brightest side will be buried. God bless you.

    • Mashaa Allah, wow! wow! Aish loan hatha ya ustatha Sewar! I enjoyed reading those meaningful words from your creation. Indeed, you are a great lady who thinks before she talks. Many challenges as you said we confront in this life but dealing with ourselves is the main and difficult fight. As I said, I really found some release reading your good and nice comment. Many many thanks Sewar.

  • Yes indeed it's the best feeling ever
    • Neer nalavar Nadira! Thanks for your touching comment.

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