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  • What if my dream is to kick the edge of the universe?
    • Dreams have to be SMART as well.

    • You're talking about goals, man... SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound 

    • I know that and could be applicable to all future goals, objectives and dreams as well. What i meant is that the dreams and the goals a person has must be reasonable.

    • I disagree. Your dreams should be much bigger than your goals. Dreams can, and should be the fuel, the motivation to achieve your goals. Dreams can be a vision, or mission you wanna fulfill in life. Dreams can be something entirely new. Dreams can sound a bit crazy... but you're allowed to have them. You should color them perfectly, and take your time to dream them again and again most lively.

      Goals are steps to fulfill your dreams, to take action!!! Or when it turns out that your goals are not achievable, guide you to take detours, or change your goals. But you can still dream bigger.

      Some dreams are so big that one person alone might not be able to achieve them. Martin Luther King was speaking about his dream. Do you think applying SMART here would have helped him? NO. Was he deluded? NO. But of course, he knew always what was his next step/goal.

      Different example: A 12 years old teenager might dream to become an astronaut. It can't be his goal at this time. Since he hasn't even graduated. And his first goal might be to become an excellent student, but already choosing his subjects according to his bigger goals and dreams. After achieving the first one he can set new goals that bring him closer to his dream. But only when he is already in the astronaut candidate program from NASA his dream has become a goal that can be called SMART.

    • what if my dream is to bring the moon down to earth.

    • Yawn... now I have to write 20 minutes about the obvious. Okay... will do! ;-DD 

    • If this is your dream, and you really like dreaming it... you can do this all day long! It won't hurt anyone!!

      You can think about this mission while you're cultivating the soil of your land, driving on the highway, or doing your workout, whatever... You can create crazy machines in your head, how you would perform this task. You can ponder about the people who you would need to bring this vision to life. You can tell people your dream, and discuss the outcome with them. Maybe all will laugh at you, maybe one will call the 911, and ask for medical help, maybe one day you find someone who has the same dream, an IQ of over 160 and no morals? 

      Maybe you get bored of that dream one day, because you're a lazy bone, that never does anything else than dreaming big, but never puts in the effort to actually achieve things? Than you can start dreaming a new crazy dream to distract you from the every day boredom...

      Maybe you enjoy that dream so much because you imagine all those fantastic things that would happen throughout your endeavor... maybe one day you'll write it down, how super cool and exciting this journey would be. Maybe you enjoy visualizing this enterprise and all the possible outcomes... maybe you'll become a science fiction writer, who sells 5 trillion books?

      BTW since it appears to me that you're into that motivational stuff... Do you know how brainstorming works?? Do you know the rules?

      Only curious and open-minded people invent things, all others would still live in the middle ages without those people. And well, many would love to live in the middle ages, but they use the internet and other technologies to announce their beliefs. Isn't that funny???

      Well, anyways, I'm not the Delphi oracle, I can't tell you what will happen. 

    • Wonderful explanation.

      That dream sounds crazy and doubtfull, isn't it? but what if my dream is totally the opposite land in the moon.

    • I can't talk with one-sentence-people.  I'm out of here. ;-DD

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