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Poem writing challenge of Onee: Let me go

Let me go
Don’t hold me in your arm
Let me enjoy each moment of life
Time if flying
I don’t want to be just lying
Let me go
Let me see the sunrise
Let me have all the minutes of daylight
Don’t embrace me so tight
Your hug is warm but I want to feel the warmth of sun,
The coldness of snow and the freshness of rain
One day maybe not so far I will lie
Motionless and lifeless
I will die
But for now I want to live
I want to run, to laugh, to cry to…..
Let me go
Let me catch the warms
Let me make my dreams come true
Not just keep dreaming
In your hug, my beloved BED let me go.:D

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Dancing Is Praying

Life is a song; for some it’s a short song and for some it’s a very long song but for everyone it has both sad and happy melody. A song should be sung otherwise it’s in vain.
Some believe that we ourselves write and play the song while others believe that God, destiny or whatever has already written the song and we just play it.

Where do I want to go by all this; actually I love exercising and I also love music; now imagine if these two are combined together the result will be something amazing. You can call it dance or a special exercise called aerobic or whatever you want, but no doubt it’s so beautiful. The other day after four or five months of being busy in the morning I registered my name for aerobic classes. As we were following our instructor according to music I felt like every cell in my body came to life. It was like they were dead and the music and movement brought them to life all over again.

I said to myself if by praying, meditation, reading or whatever we try to boost our mentality what do we do to enhance our physical body. We should appreciate our body by eating healthy food and exercising; this exercising can be dancing, running, playing a special sport. So I believe dancing is praying that our body does to express its gratefulness for having this wonderful body which along our soul helps us to sing the life’s song as beautifully as possible. Don’t forget that healthy mind and healthy body are so connected and one cannot exist without the other. That’s all; I just liked to share it with you. Thanks for reading.

P.s. Dear Evangelina, so many times you asked me to write something, so here I am. I hope you like it. Thanks for encouraging me to write.

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AG's Writing Challenge: Tell A Joke

Once upon a time a young boy went to his father and said:' Dad I want to get married.' His father smiled at him and said:' that's great.' The boy said that he wanted to get married with four brides at the same time. His father looked in surprise. He explained to his son that he couldn't afford them physically, emotionally and financially, but his son wouldn't change his mind.

Finally his father told him: 'ok, I agree but under one condition; you should marry one first then after a week I will get you the other brides. Son agreed. The old man went on searching for a very strong and smart girl whom can help him with his plan. He found the girl and talked to him about his son. The girl agreed to marry his son and to help him with his plan.

The old man told her that you should make the groom physically ;) and emotionally and financially exhausted, so he might come to his sense. Anyway the boy accepted to see the bride that his father had chosen for him. He gave his consent to marry her.

They got married and after a week his father went to see his son and to inform him that he was ready to fulfill his vow. He saw his son sitting in the yard looking so exhausted; He asked if everything was alright. His son raised his head and just looked at him. The old man said according to our deal he was ready to get him the other brides. To his surprise his son stood up and ran away with all his strength. :):):)

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Robbie's Writing Challenge - Iranian dish_ TAHCHIN

Greetings my lovely EC friends; long time no see. I hope you are all doing great. You rabbits all have participated in Robbie’s challenge and I’m the turtle who is a bit slow therefore late ; anyway better late than never.
I would like to share with you one of Iranian foods called ”Tahchin”. It’s my kids’ favorite food. Ingredients which we need for this food are: boiled rice, two eggs’ yolks, three spoon yogurt, some saffron, barberry ( Zereshk), some oil , some salt and pepper and cooked and chopped chicken’s breast.

First we mix eggs yolks with yogurt and saffron then add three spoon of oil and after that add the chicken that you already cooked. At the end mix all of these ingredients with rice. I use some butter before I pour all these material into pan. Then let it be cooked for 30 minutes with low heat. And one more point my kids don’t like barberry so I didn’t add it; you know kids rule .
You can decorate it with fried barberries and pistachios.

Some people make it thicker but I like it this way. you can eat it with lettuces salad or pickles( I made it myself). That’s all. I hope you like it .

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The other day my daughter came to me and said that she had a crush on a boy who lived in our neighborhood. I asked her to tell me who is he; she started talking about him.  I said her that I knew him. She asked me if he was attractive. I replied yes he was. She continued talking about him and that maybe when she was older they could marry. It made me laugh and I said:” sweetie you are still so young besides he is older than you.” She said: dad is older than you too.

I told her that when I was at her age I had a crush on a boy who was our neighbor. She was surprised and told me why I had never talked about him. I said it was not that much important, I was a teenager back then. When I grew older I was even wondering why on earth I had liked him, anyway as we grew older our opinions changed. Then she asked me to describe the guy that I had crush on. I told her that the guy she liked was more handsome than the guy I had liked, then we burst into laughing.  As we were laughing I was wondering when my little girls had grown up. 

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EC World

I was born in 2014, unlike real world it was me who chose to come here. Some of us use our real names with our real pictures. Some of us choose a name randomly and some of us do some thinking about the name and the avatar that from the moment we sign in is going to represent our identity.

Just like real world there is so much to learn and discover if one is eager enough to learn. You will get to know good and bad people. If you come across bad people, you would get hurt, meanwhile you would gain some experiences that might help you in real world. You will also meet nice people that will help you to grow into a better person. You will learn that good people don’t come from a specific country, they don’t have a special religion and they are not necessarily educated. Nice people are everywhere around the world.

Here on EC people get to know about others through chatting which starts with ‘hi’ and’ how are you’ like every conversation. Some continue by ‘how old are’ or ‘ where do you come from’ or’ what do you do’ and so on.  Some talk about a topic.You know some of them through their blogs. It’s like by every blog you get to know them better. You admire some of them when they share their feelings and thoughts; you give them your applause through your comments.

Anyway like real world one day you will be gone. If you were nice, kind and respectful towards others, you would be missed big time otherwise people might not even notice your absence.

I hope in this little world we can do better than the real world. I hope we can help one another and make this place a more wonderful place to learn. We may even practice how to be tolerant and patient when we come across different people with different point of views. 

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Every child loves birthday party and presents, so I always have something up my sleeves to catch my kids off guard. Once we were on a trip; it was their birthday but it seemed like they had forgotten it. So  when we came back from sightseeing  I asked my sister to take them to yard and keep them busy, then my husband and I went to a confectionery and bought some balloons, a birthday cake, candles and of course presents . I will never forget their happy face as soon as they entered the room.


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Yin was sitting in the patio and was looking outside. There was still snow in some places and in other places where snow was melt, it was mud there. She likes snow very much. While she was drinking her favorite drink ‘coffee with milk’, she thought why Yang and she couldn’t stop this old quarrel that who is the superior one and important one.

She thought about those days and nights when they were head over heels in love. Everything was beautiful back then. There was no darkness just brightness. It was like love had made them blind and the only thing that they could see was beauty and kindness. No matter if Yang likes his food with more pepper and less salt; no matter if she likes chocolate mousse and he likes orange mousse, the important point was that they knew they loved each other and they couldn’t live happily without one another.

As she was sipping at her coffee, an old man was passing by. He stopped for a moment then turned to her and said:” only when you make a circle, you can live a happy life but when the circle is not completed there will be a missing part and you cannot be happy. There is no shadow without light, there is no day without night. They give beauty and meaning to each other.”

He walked away leaving her in deep thinking.  

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Humanity Or Property

we all crave to be loved for our very own self not for money, beauty, prestige, fame and whatnot. We feel offended if others love us because of the wealth, fame or other factors. If a relationship is only based on one of these cases like wealth, beauty and etc, it will not last in the long run. For instance the moment there is no wealth, the relationship will be over.

The more you get to know a person, if there is no goodness in his or her heart the relationship cannot maintain. That’s why after a while all of the beauty and wealth that had stunned you in the first place, will lose their value in your eyes. This fact is almost true in every relationship be it marriage, friendship or even a business relation.

Unfortunately we have learned how to measure people’s value according to their wealth, beauty or according to which walks of life they come from; that’s why people face so many problems in their relationship. I have noticed that nowadays people even care about the brand of phone, clothes, car or the location of house and then they judge people so easily.

But I believe there is much to a person than eyes can meet. Humanity is something that you will find out about a person when you have the chance to know him or her and it is worth way more than everything else. That’s why we admire people who love us no matter if we are poor or rich, if we are pretty or not; this kind of relations will grow much deeper and stronger.

 I hope we can put aside these kind of attitudes and not turning people into objects or better to say objectifying them and see their humanity rather than their accessories. 

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The Spectacular Window

There is a window in my house that has wonderful views so varied that amuses everybody. Interestingly they are not always the same, I enjoy different scenery. If you like to discover deep inside forests you can do it through this window. If you like to see depth of the oceans, this window will take you there. If you want to go on top of the mountains covered with snow, this window will take you there too.

You can even watch the galaxy and our spectacular earth from outside, isn’t it amazing? It’s not possible for us to see all the places that we crave to visit but we cannot due to so many reasons; be it financially, physically or so many other obstacles. Not everybody can go deep inside seas or oceans, not everybody can climb high mountains and not everybody can afford to go and visit so many countries.

I was in love with this magical widow from my childhood. If you like stories and legends, if you like to see your favorite heroes and heroines, this widow even will give you the opportunity of watching your favorite stories. When I was a child watching my favorite cartoons and stories made me fall in love with this amazing window.

Some people call it magical box, but I like to call it magical window because I can see everywhere through it.  It gives me the opportunity to observe so many things that in real life I couldn’t dare to see them like giant snakes, crocodiles and whatnot. It takes me to the farthest places that I could never make it if it wasn’t for it, so that’s why I call it the magnificent and breath- taking widow. What about you, what do you call it?

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Blog Challenge : Collocations

When I entered the class I took a back by what I saw. Some kids were in tears some were close to tears. I asked them what had happened. One of them while fighting back her tears told me that they got informed that next year I was not going to be their teacher.

Oh my God! I couldn’t believe what I had heard. Now I was about to burst into tears but I tried not to. I told them a story of my childhood and how much I loved my first teacher, it was so hard for me not to see her again every day in the morning. But when I met my second teacher I realized that she was also so nice and kind.

I was relieved when I saw smile on their beautiful faces again. I told them how great they are and I would always love them. After class I shed tears of joy.

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The art of listening

We normally think that speaking is an art. A person must be so adept and skillful in order to hold his or her audiences spellbound. Apart from having good information about the topic, one must know how to deliver a moving or a powerful speech.  How about listening? Have you ever thought that listening is also an art too?

A speech would be more efficient and effective, if it had listeners who were attentive. A lot of problems in communicating and also a lot of misunderstandings are due to either not knowing how to speak or not listening well. If we could listen carefully, we would have better understanding. So in order to build a better relation we should learn how to speak and how to listen as well, because no matter how nice we talk if people do not listen well, it would be of no use.

If we listen to a person with all the stereotypes and backgrounds that we have in our mind, in fact we are partly listening to that person. So at the end we will jump to a conclusion that is not authentic and reliable; it will even create more misunderstandings than before.

So in order to boost the relationships between people, to understand better and to have a better world we need to learn how to listen carefully and attentively. 

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Sometimes we get used to something that we just take it for granted like health, family, friends etc.

Then we will start saying that I shouldn’t have done that, I should have behaved more wisely or I should have been more careful. In all of these sentences actually we wish that we had another opportunity to behave differently.

For instance health; have you ever been so sick that you cannot even stand up? After few days staying in bed you wish to be strong and healthy again. At that very moment you wish to go to park take a walk or run and breathe deeply.

Thinking of past I realized that it was all my fault. Had I been more considerate, I wouldn’t have damaged them. In the last few years I have been extravagant with mobile and laptop. It’s me who put them behind these glasses.

Do they like it or not? I don’t know. Now my eyes have to look at the world through glasses. Oh I should have been more careful. I hope I have learned my lesson. 

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A Wonderful Journey

It was not a long journey for me as it was for you, nevertheless I enjoyed accompanying you. You told me about your childhood herding sheep and playing with other boys. As you grew older you realized that there was a difference between you and the people whom you called ‘white people’. One of these white families helped you to go to school; when you didn’t accept the pre-arranged marriage your difficulties began. Despite all obstacles you became a lawyer. Now you could see all the disparities toward yourself and your people. It was then that you decided to join ANC (African national congress). You chose a way that you never regretted.  Once you said that you were not hungry for freedom because you were born free but as you grew up you realized that your freedom had been stolen; that’s why you decided to become a freedom fighter.

You knew that it was going to be so hard. You knew that you couldn’t have a normal life. You were aware that you couldn’t fulfill your duties as a son, a brother, a husband or even a father but that was the way that you chose with all your heart.

Tears welled up in my eyes when you gave your speech in court. When you told them the story of a man who had studied law and wanted to obey laws, but since those laws were immoral and unjust, his conscience forced him to protest. How he had become an outlaw and why and if he had given the chance he would have chosen the same path over and over again. You talked about the injustice of Apartheid and how you were treated in your own land unfairly and cruelly.

I was stunned by your point of views even about your enemies. You said:’ deep down in every human heart, there is mercy and generosity. No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished.

After struggling all your life and suffering when you were freed from prison you didn’t ask your people to get revenge from those who put you in prison for twenty seven years, on the contrary you reminded them that liberation struggle was not a battle against one group or color, but it was a fight against a system of repression and injustice. You asked your people to join hands and be united and move toward future as one country, one nation and one people.

I pay my tribute to you and your great soul. You were born to be a leader. May your soul rest in peace. I wish the world had more people like you.

I read a book named’ a long walk to freedom’ by Nelson Mandella. It inspired me to write about him. I hope you like it.  

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Expector's Blog Challenge: It is/was...that(who)...

Everyone likes to find the man or the woman of her or his dreams and to initiate a life with an everlasting love.  Love at first sight might be easy, but it is so hard to maintain the love and to grow it stronger. It’s we who should be willing to sacrifice for love and to be selfless.

I am so lucky to have you, because it was me who was selfish and stubborn and it was you who was patient and kind. I always think’ God what have I done to deserve him’? So I am the person who must be grateful to God. You always respect me and my ideas. You are the person who supports me whenever I want to do something.

Each time I have a problem you are the person who gives the best consultant. When I am sad it is you who consoles me. You say there aren’t many people like you and I am the person who says but there is no one like YOU.  You are the one who is the best friend, the best companion and the best husband. It is you that makes the life beautiful and enjoyable for me. I am the person who loves you from the bottom of her heart.

God bless you.  

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Stranger's writing challenge

“Hurry up guys where are you?” I called out. I lagged behind my friends; they all participated in the challenge but I haven’t written anything yet. “what challenge” they asked. Stranger in the night asked us to write about a topic but we are not allowed to use all of you guys. “Oh why did you talk to a stranger; you know that you shouldn’t talk to strangers” they said. No no, he is not a stranger, actually this is his name; he is a nice guy from EC. They asked me if I had anything in my mind and they wanted to know which one of them I am not going to use.

I elaborated that how hard it is not to use some of them at all, because they are present in almost every sentence. So I told them that the third letter from the last row seems to be the best and of course the easiest choice for me.  “So what is your topic” they asked. Emm… Let me think, B said:” how about posting this conversation”? ‘OH brilliant idea’ I replied.  By the way I was talking to alphabets; now can you guess the letter?:D

I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Writing Challenge: Mr. and Ms. EC Q and A

What do you think is the best section on EC that has made your English learning improved? Why?

My answer:

One day I was surfing the net to find a place which I can chat with people in English. The idea of talking to people all around the word with my broken English fascinated me a lot that all I wanted was to speak. Then I came across this site; first I was not familiar with here and since I just liked to speak I went to the chat room and my journey here began. To be honest mostly women were not interested in talking to me or better to say to females and some of men would like to talk to a single girl not a married woman with two kids.:D So I got disappointed because it was not the way I had dreamed of.

 Then one day I talked to a guy from Pakistan he was a very nice person; I told him that how much I liked learning English. He told me to go to the blog section and read them. He also encouraged me to write. Oh! Writing!? I have never written anything especially in English, besides I didn’t like to write that much. My desire was to speak English without pause. Anyway I started reading the blogs and later on I wrote my first post. I got so many nice comments on my post; it was so awesome. I will never forget it. Now I had the courage to leave my comment on blogs and I really enjoyed reading blogs too.

Sometimes when I read some wonderful posts by dear Tara, Expector, Lady Anne, Mishaikh, Alice, Lucie, Lady Noor, Seeker, Vision, Ratu, Robbie, Inna, Saba, Traveler, Adeline, Lady Elf  and so many others and some who although didn’t send a lot of posts but each of their comments was a post :D like dear Mohammad and Evangelina; I would say oh my God! Their writings are great. How can I post my writings here? But gradually I found more courage to write and post them. Now here I am.

So if I were to choose the best section on EC that would be blogs section. It helped me a lot with my English especially my writing. I also got to know some great people and I am so happy to be here. I know that I still make a lot of mistakes but the important point is that with reading and writing I am trying to enhance my English and more importantly I enjoy it.

So my special thanks to EC and my great friends on blog section. I hope we can make this section the best place to share and discuss our ideas in a friendly atmosphere.

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Variety is the beauty of life.

Everyone is unique. I am sure you are familiar with this saying. Although we are so alike but at the same time we are different. These differences give beauty and variety to life; as you know humans abhor monotonous. It is all the same when it also comes to different cultures.

People in every culture have their own traditions. Sometimes I wonder is it necessary to keep these traditions or as time changes it’s better to get rid of them? What is tradition, anyway?  

Tradition is a belief or custom that has existed for a long time. Some of these traditions have good reasons behind them; maybe it was because of natural reasons like ceremonies which are held at the beginning of every season or at the end of it. Maybe it was because of victory they gained after a war or it might be because of religious reasons.

Whatever the reason was it gathered people together. It was like an excuse to bring people closer to celebrate and to have fun. Some of these traditions have lost their real meaning during the time and turn into something completely different; as time changes people come to conclusion that they must put an end on them.

Some of these traditions were based on a wrong thought or idea. Ideas which were originated from discriminated beliefs related to gender or race. So they get abolished; of course not completely and after struggles of some brave people.

In general we should preserve our traditions, because they are related to our roots as who we really are and where we come from. Traditions tell stories about our past and we feel connected to our ancestors and the people whom we share theses traditions. It’s not a good idea to abandon our traditions and think of them as something useless. If you consider every tradition it has its own beauty just like every food from different areas which has its own flavor.

It is also so fascinating when we learn about other traditions which are different from us. We can learn more about others through their traditions. So to put it in nutshell I would say various cultures and traditions make our world more beautiful.

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Writing Challenge: My word of the year 2016 - Faith

It’s been quite a long time that I have not written anything or better to say I have not posted them. Oh, I didn’t know that writing can soothe a person; I feel that there is so much on my mind and so much in my heart, so I felt I must write something. Although I didn’t know exactly what to write, so I decided to take the opportunity of taking part in the challenge of choosing a word for the New Year.

My word would be faith. I always adore people who have strong faith in their beliefs. They are so sure about what they want in their life and they do their best without any doubt. Surely I am not talking about some bias people who are narrow-minded and accept nothing but their own ideas. The faith I am talking is the kind of faith which comes from knowledge. The kind of faith that has impact on every aspect of life. The kind of faith which gives you power and makes you calm. The kind of faith that makes you certain about your beliefs, about the way you choose for your life, about your purpose in your life and gives meaning to your life. The kind of faith that evolves your personality and makes you a kind-hearted, caring, generous and patient person. I hope I can find that faith.

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