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  • you are welcome


  • Oh
    I forgot to ask you :

    Are you interested in Aviation ( aeronautical ) stuff Or that's just a normal picture ?

    sorry I've elongated
  • Hey
    How are you sayed
    I'm your neighbour by the way ^^

    Asyouti or Fayoumi ^^

  • THankyou Sayed for adding me in to your contacts.

    here is to seeing you more often at my ec and getting the best of it.
    nadira moosin.
  • God protect you
    Happy birthday to you, my friend

  • I just posted Writing Challenge #15: My Recipe for 2010. Please read your task and get started! Thanks for joining the group!
    Cheers, Tara
  • I just added Writing Challenge #14. I hope to see you there!
  • Thanks for joining the writing group. I just posted Writing Challenge #13! See you there:
  • Hi everybody!
    I have finished my exam of semester test. Now I'm coming back and ready to join with you in group "setting up a good group"
    As you know, I have an idea about organizing a group and I have received many replies from you. Now I'll expressing my idea
    First, purpose of setting up group is to improve English skills of all members, to share your own experiences about studying E to everyone, to ask and answer everything which connect with E such as using words, phrases, grammar; difference among synonym words;etc
    Second, I want to method of studying in group. I thought so much about this and received one clue that I should invite a teacher take part in my group to lead and teach everybody. But it's really hard because the group isn't set up by teacher so she (he) can't understand clearly items of us to help. Moreover, the group is our wish, not of teacher so she (he) won't willing to help us usually. Thus, I think that at dawn of time, we should learn E together. And after that if it need, I'll connect with a teacher and invite her (him) join with us. Ok? And about my view of method is:
    - Grammar: if all members agree, we'll do grammar exercises usually, explain to who don’t understand or teach who don’t know. And of course, exercises'll follow topic. As you know, grammar is very important. It’s skeleton of all languages. So, I think we should try to do it thoroughly
    - Listening & Speaking skill: we’ll practice through communicate by using Skype
    - Reading: we’ll give reading comprehension exercises, do it together. After that, we’ll check keys. If who need a help about translating or explaining words, phrase in the texts, we’ll help this person.
    - Writing: this skill is not compulsory for all members because it’s a difficult skill and really spend much time. But if who can and want to do, pls write. I’m always willing to fix it to you
    Ok, this is all thing about group. And now, it’ll being some requirements for everybody.
    - First, let introduce about your name, age, country, job, your level in E, your hope in improving E such as wanting to get a high sorce of TOEFL ibt or TOEIC,…; wanting to communicate well;…
    - Second, we’ll have to have an acount Skype and imform to everyone
    - Third, I’ll set up a web for group where everybody receive and post exercises, keys; ask and answer each question; exchance members’ experiences; post all ideas of all members (Note: ideas have to be your views about supporting group such as add or del a category,etc) and discuss together
    - Fourth, send your email to me to I can add you into group’s web
    - Fifth, inform about time that you online to everybody can meet each other and chat to improve speaking and listening skills
    Note: 1. when you decide to join with us, pls determine clearly your wish. I don’t want to receive one person who is lazy or only want to make friend. Ok?
    2. If you feel sth is not ok, pls give your view. Every member’ll discuss and give best policies for group
    Who agree with me, pls complete all requirements that I have given and reply to me
    Thanks so much!
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