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  • Rys, I miss you.. Idk either u r still alive or not 

  • Caramba Rys... you're missed 💔

  • Heyyy Ryyysssssssssss,

    I have no idea where are you and how is your health. A bit worried about you ya ryyss. If you are in good shape then please come online.

    I miss my DWD :))

    Hope to see you around soon!




  • Hey Rys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rysperski are you ok? we miss you bro. 

  • Heyyyy Ryyyyysssssss,

    I miss my DWD :))

    Hope you are doing well.

    hope to see u soon. 

  • Once in a while, I visit EC and this new stupid thing I started doing whenever I come here.... so whenever I come here.... I go to Dara Gino's post and try to find your comment and see how amusingly you reply to them... and him getting pissed sometimes but still trying to be friendly and again sometimes he thinks it was a great response as he can't see sarcasm and it becomes more hillarious ..... 

    And then there was one about some religious stuff where you poked him for using word 'irrigation' wrongly and I laughed so hard that he linked a comment from 2018 to where you pointed exact same mistake and he.... my god... he still said the same thing rather than learning from mistake .... 

    I feel it is stupid thing to do what I do but hey it is funny way to check on you rys.. so I am always assured you are doing fine... with still fine tuned brain... 

    I hope your health is fine as well 


    Hugs :)


  • RYS, i hope you are fine. 

  • 3c64d17e1c46cd08e942a844a00417b4.jpg

  • Wow Rys! You still alive man! Missed You and friends in EC!🤗 How are you doing? 🤔

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