What to look for in robot vacuums - a how-to guide for beginners

The best vacuum cleaners reviews always include at least one robot vacuum. These smart devices use built-in technology and mapping features so that they can work on their own. Better yet, they're quiet and easy to use, making them a perfect companion of any household.

However, as there are many models to consider, it can be challenging, especially for beginners, to decide which option will be a good fit for their needs and budget. So this how-to guide will detail out a few considerations to look into when buying one. Without further ado, let's get started!

1. Shape and size

I believe the best vacuum cleaner on the market should be designed to fit into hidden corners and underneath furniture. While traditional uprights and canisters tend to be bulky with big designs, robots are compact with a low-profile design. They can get under cupboards, furniture, bed, and other household appliances without any issues.

Before deciding on which model to purchase, make sure it has the right height to fit under furniture in your house. Its size is also another factor to consider, as the smaller it is, the longer it takes to clean your space. However, if you're living in an apartment, a robot of modest size would probably fit you the most.

2. Battery life

A majority of robot vacuums can run for 2 hours, but some smaller models can last for 90 minutes. Also, it's worth taking note that its runtime also depends on the mode you're using. Some machines come with three modes: Eco, Standard, and Boost to meet different vacuuming purposes.

Most batteries of robots last from 2 to 4 years, depending on how often you use your device. Regular and careful maintenance can also help extend your batteries' lifespan, so owners should take good care of your robot so it can be with you for a long period of time.

3. Sensors and mapping

Best Vacuum Cleaners brands are usually the pioneers in vacuuming technologies. They are also market leaders in some of the most modern and innovative product categories, and robot cleaning assistants are typical examples.

These manufacturers install some of the latest tech advances in their machines. So sensors allow them to measure distances for effective cleaning while ensuring they don't fall off the stairs. Mapping functions let them navigate the floors, ranging from very random patterns to more sophisticated programs.

• Cliff sensors: help robots stay away from the staircases by using infrared light that can recognize objects.

• Wall sensors are located right on the bumper to detect walls, ensuring they don't bump against them.

• Dirt sensors are probably the most advanced feature. Located near the agitator brush, it tells the vacuum to adjust the suction power accordingly, depending on whether a certain area of your house is dirty or not.

The more advanced features your robot is equipped with, the more expensive it would be. That said, consider your budget and your cleaning needs; these parameters will help you to narrow down your choices easily.

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4. Charging docks

All robots need downtime, so once they run out of battery, they simply sit still (or die) somewhere in the middle of your house. Standard models don't automatically return to their charging docks, which means you need to search them to plug them in for a recharge.

Smarter models, however, come with an automatic charging function. Whenever their battery is running low, they return to their charging dock and then head back to finish their tasks.

Now, if you're living in a large house, chances are you wouldn't want to play hide and seek with your robots when they suddenly die in a hidden corner of your house. So it's best to invest in a model with an automatic charging feature.

The bottom line,

While well-built canister vacuums or cordless vacuums are ideal choices for many homeowners with pets, robots are becoming the new trend for their ease of use and convenience. What are the top 10 vacuum cleaners, if not the one that fits your needs and budget the most? Though robots tend to be more expensive than traditional machines, they're worth your consideration.

I hope this buyer's guide has provided you with some useful insights. Be sure to check out other in-depth reviews and how-to guides from The King Live for more useful information.

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