Dream in Dream ....

if some one have a dream like in the inception movie (dream in dream) ... I dreamed once like that before ... it's amazing but awful ... when you woke up you thanks ( Allah ) because you staying a live...am asking if that happen usually to people...
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where do i start

Everybody here want to learn.. but when you register as a new member you can not know how and where to begin... I look on the site and i found many many things very good ... but I did not know where to start so i hope if the teachers read this make…
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miqdad left a comment for johan85_@hotmail.com
"welcome to EC man "
May 9, 2019
miqdad left a comment for johan85_@hotmail.com
May 9, 2019
miqdad commented on Addel's photo
"good pray and cute child :-)"
May 9, 2019
miqdad replied to Tara Benwell's discussion Did you watch the Royal Wedding?
"hello ... actually i saw a part from the wedding, firstly, i am very surprised all of these people…"
May 9, 2019
miqdad left a comment on Process Equipment, Tools and Industry
"hi everybody ...... there is any one here study or graduated from chemical engineering department"
May 9, 2019
miqdad left a comment for sarvenaz
"I can't to promise you in this time because I have  work  ,,, and I don't know if can i finished be…"
May 9, 2019
miqdad left a comment for sarvenaz
"ok no problem ... we need to adjust the time
Now when am write this message time in my country 9:25…"
May 9, 2019
miqdad left a comment for sarvenaz
"sorry we can not adjust the time by this way..
time difference between us (half an hour)..
so 4:30…"
May 9, 2019

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  • Hello miqdad!!! Thanks.......

                          I am here always..........:)))))))

                                   Have a wonderful day!!!!!!2383531751?profile=original

  •  Happy New Year, Miqdad!!!!!!!!!2383483845?profile=original

  • 2382971262?profile=originalHello! Nice to meet you again!!!
  • hello miqdad where are u long time  u don't enter ur profile
  • 2381162104?profile=originalHello miqdad!  How are you?

                          Write me plz, some words.


  • 2381016673?profile=originalHello my friend! Thank you for your short word. I was glad to hear you,

                        How are you?    irina.

  • 2380887568?profile=originalHello friend! Where are you? What's the matter with you?

                        Be blessed.

  • 2380586460?profile=original


       GOOD DAY!!!  HOW ARe YOU? Irina.

  • 2380559641?profile=original


      Hello my friend! I hope you are well, We can chat again, thanks I am in



  • 2380397247?profile=original

    Hi! How are you? May you have a fantastic time with your friends?

             Sending blessings of Peace and Happiness to you on Christmas.


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